Long time no write

by Marin Franković on 8 March, 2013


First of all I would like to wish good luck to all women and moms around the world, especially my own wife Andrijana for raising our two beautiful children and all the hard work she does and at the same time puts up with me. Smile

Now, sadly I did not have very much time to write posts due to a huge amount of projects, teachings and everything else that came my way. I must mention Dennis from Netherland who works for 360 ICT and for his generous donation of two Dell R300 servers. Those servers will be I hope shortly put to good use for my demos and tests that I will then share with you all.

Also, soon you can expect this blog to be redesigned and streamlined by two great guys, Antonio and Marko from Locastic Studios. Thanks for your efforts. Of course, I would never meet these two if it was not for my dear friend Nikša! Winking smile


These couple of months where very busy for me. last month I attended my fourth MVP Summit in Seattle. It was great to see some old friends and to hear new and exciting stuff about cloud services and related products.

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March is filled with activities such as college lectures, IT Pro sessions and MOC seminars. April will bring three regional conferences where I was invited to speak. First up is MS Network in Teslić, then I have Windays 2013 this time in Umag and NT Konferenca in Bled. Did I forgot to mention that in the meantime in April I will possible be visiting Norway for a week working on some project? Open-mouthed smile


As you can see, first quarter of the year was very busy for me. It does not look like it will be any less so in the future. Which is of course good for business. If you are attending any of the events that I have mentioned and want to network, chat or ask a question, feel free to look me up or contact me.

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