Windows Server 2012 Readiness Follow Up

by Marin Franković on 6 September, 2012

This is a short follow up on my yesterdays session “Windows Server 2012 Technical Overview” that was delivered at local Microsoft office in Croatia.

There where several questions that where left unanswered or in a grey area of explanations so I am taking this opportunity to clear thing up and give some definite technical answer. Since I do not have mail addresses of all participants, blog is the best way to do it.

Q: Are PowerShell remote sessions encrypted?

A: In short, yes. By default all PowerShell remote sessions are encrypted by PowerShell Remoting Protocol-a [MS-PSRP]. This can also bee seen from PowerShell by typing dir wsman:\localhost\client command (Thanks Aleksandar):

PS C:\> dir wsman:\localhost\clientWSManConfig:


Type                       Name                   SourceOfValue       Value
—-                          —-                           ————-        —–
System.String   NetworkDelayms                                   5000
System.String   URLPrefix                                              wsman
System.String   AllowUnencrypted                                  false
Container       Auth
Container       DefaultPorts
System.String   TrustedHosts    

Visit this blog for an example of PS remoting and session encryption.                             

Q: Are there any news on Cluster Shared Volumes and their interaction with backup, Active Directory and so on.

A: Yes there are. Here is nice document by Aidan Finn on that topic.

Q: Is there any documentation on NIC teaming in Windows Server 2012?

A: This is a great document that explains everything you need to know on NIC teaming.

Q: Network virtualization seems complicated. Is there an easier way of explaining it?

A: This document explains all you need to know about it.

Also, in Marin Frankovic’s SkyDrive\Public\Microsoft Readiness\Windows Server 2012 there are several videos from TechEd 2012 that explain news in Hyper-V networking, virtual switch, NIC teaming and network virtualization. Fell free to download them.

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