Donation needed!

by Marin Franković on 29 April, 2012

Donate your old equipment

Hi all. Here is one unusual post. Smile I am looking for a company that is in a process of upgrading their server hardware equipment and does not need old servers or NAS devices any more.

If you are such company and are willing to donate some unused hardware please contact me via e-mail. I am in a need for at least two fully function servers (1U/2U) with virtualization enabled processors, at least one disk, one network card  and 4 or more GB of RAM. Also, I need one working NAS device with or without disks. Also, if you have 802.3ad capable switch to donate I will gladly give it new home. 🙂

This equipment is intended to be used in a lab environment for testing and learning about new Microsoft and other products and it will be used for demonstrational purposes during my sessions at various conferences and other speaking engagements. It will never be used in a production.

Company or companies that donate this hardware will always be mentioned during my sessions and I will put banner or logo on my blog, which has more than 10 000 unique hits a month, as a thank you note.

If you are, or know of such company please contact me directly via e-mail!


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