Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S review

by Marin Franković on 3 February, 2012

First of all, I need you all to bear in mind that this review is purely from user side of view, namely me. I have been using BlackBerry, WP 7 and  iPhone smartphones up to now, so all my observations will be based on pure usability comparison. Full specifications of this phone can be found on official SE site. Current version of Android on this phone is 2.3.4.

I must thank Lahorka from PR agency Drukcije for giving me the opportunity to test and evaluate this phone for couple of weeks.

I got white version of the phone, which looks nice and stylish, which by the way is not important to me. Winking smile As soon as I connected the phone to my computer (SE app was already installed), upgrade process begun and it finished with success. Next step was to sync my contacts to the phone. I did this via SE app and synced them directly with local Outlook contacts. Phone has the ability to sync contacts from other sources but I wanted to do it this way. Some contacts where duplicated and some where without name but I think that it has to do with the way my iPhone syncs contacts to Exchange and Outlook so I do not hold it against SE or Android (there is an option within contact app to hide contacts without name).

After syncing contacts I added couple of mail accounts (Exchange, Office 365 and Live Mail) and everything worked fine. Of course, I had to add gmail account so I could use Android Market application. I selected to sync all mail messages from all account but only Exchange calendar. One thing that surprised me was that default mail application does not have option to move mail messages between folders and have seen that this option exists on Samsung Galaxy S2 with 2.3.5 version of Android OS. Also, you can sync only past 3 months of mail messages and there is no option to select which subfolders to sync.

After installing couple of applications that I use most frequently, the only one that was not available is native Microsoft SkyDrive application. It is expected to be available soon. Banking application Zaba showed some weird behavior when I tried to use it to pay something but I will have to call their support to see if it is well know problem and if there is a solution.

What do I think of this phone after couple of weeks of usage? Screen is very nice and big. It has nice vibrant colors. Also, the phone appears to be very light but sturdy enough. For me, it is hard to hold it in one hand and three lover keys are bit to narrow. Also, I have noticed that because of the way I hold it, after some time my pinky finger on my right hand started to hurt. Smile Some of the drawbacks are related to Android OS and SE is preparing to deploy 4.0 version by the end of the March 2012. Personally, for anyone that is considering buying Android phone, Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S is a great choice. I give it 7.5 out of 10 just because of older OS version!

Currently in Croatia, it is available only in Vip mobile operator.

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