Conferences ahead

by Marin Franković on 4 January, 2012

It is that time of the year again. Several conferences are coming up in couple of months (or later). By order of appearance here is a short description of each one:

MVP Summit 2012, Seattle, USA. I will be attending as a participant. This one should be particular interesting since Windows 8 versions are nearing their release date (don’t know when and even if I do I can not tell Smile) and there are lots of stuff going on there (Hyper-V 3.0, extensible virtual switch, better clustering, NIC teaming …). Also, many of System Center products are in RC phase, so I expect to see them RTM even before this conference (and some are still in beta).

Windays 2012, Rovinj, Croatia. I will be attending this conference as a speaker I hope for at least one session. Today I submitted several session proposals (mostly concerning Microsoft cloud offerings) and I have couple of more ideas that I need to elaborate more before I send them in. I hope Rovinj will be more prepared for more than 2000 participants that will be visiting in late April.

Kulendayz, Beli Manastir, Croatia. This is one of my favorite conferences because it is done by Microsoft community for Microsoft community. Sadly, last year was skipped due to some financial problems, but organizers are confident that this year will be a blast and I am looking forward on seeing some old friends over a glass of nice vine. I guess I will do at least one session there.

I know I am little behind on producing quality articles for my blog, but since I got twins (and year before that Smile) I have less and less time to commit to the blog. I do hope to show you couple of neat tricks with Windows Server 8 and hyper-V 3.0 in a short while.

Hope to see some of you on one or more of these events. If you see me, stop to say hello. Open-mouthed smile

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