New Microsoft Community Croatia portal

by Marin Franković on 23 April, 2011


As it has been announced on last Windays conference in Rovinj, new Microsoft Community portal is up and running. All major user group lead request have been embedded into this firs Croatian developed solution on Microsoft Azure.

Idea behind the portal was to aggregate all user groups (developers, it pro, Sharepoint, Dynamics, SQL, …) in one place and to offer customers and anybody interested to follow as many group they want. RSS feeds and mail list have been integrated in portal, also, we have waiting lists for events that are full, ability to import Outlook .ics file into personal calendar and a tool for drawing gadget winners in every meeting.

Future implementations will include ability to login to portal via Live ID or any OpenID provider, forum for user interaction and online surveys for held meetings.

Participation and registration in any Microsoft community group is completely free, so I call you to join in and contribute with your expertise.

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Vatroslav Mihalj April 25, 2011 at 22:40

Dobar posao, čestitke svima koji su radili na tome!
Ovo je još jedan korak dalje u dizajnu i funkcionalnosti, baš kao što je bila migracija na tada super DotNetNuke prije, koliko, 7-8 godina…


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