Turn off Nokia E66 breathing light

by Marin Franković on 5 October, 2010

nokia_e66_6Sony-Ericsson-W910i-Walkman-PhoneMy wife’s old mobile phone, SE W910i, yesterday finally died on her. She could not send any messages and phone was resetting itself every few minutes, so she decided to  give up on it. Since it was very late, we could not go out and buy new one, so I dug up my old and trusted Nokia E66, and started the painful process of transferring everything from SE phone to Nokia. I managed to transfer everything but SMS messages. After and hour, I gave up on that and told her that she will have to accept that 500 and so messages are stuck on old phone. That night we went to bed and after hour or so I woke up and noticed that whole bedroom was lit up in bright light every few seconds. I remembered the breathing light function but I did not remember how to turn it of. So, I took the phone (around 1 am) and tried to turn of the annoying light, with no luck. The setting was not in the place where I expected it to be, in Personalization menu. After 15 minutes of tinkering around I finally found it, so if you ever need it, here it is! Hot smile

To turn off slow blinking, select Menu > Tools > Profiles and a profile. Select Personalize > Breathing light

Have a good night sleep!

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Ahmed Saidawi February 1, 2011 at 1:15

and finaly I can sleep well w/o hiding my phone 🙂 ty


makuna April 22, 2011 at 19:32

I voontE66 breathing


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