Microsoft TechEd Europe 2010 BoF

by Marin Franković on 31 October, 2010


Thank you all for voting on BoF (Birds of a Feather) sessions for the past two weeks. With your help, Robert and I are going to Berlin to deliver our sessions on TechEd 2010. As a short reminder here is brief description of our sessions.

Is this secure enough? by Robert Petrunić

What technologies are you using in a day to day basis? Is it HTTPS (SSL/TLS)? Or VPN (PPTP,L2TP/IPSec,SSL)? Or is it BitLocker or TrueCrypt drive encryption? Maybe it’s just plain old web browser and web surfing? If you use any of those technologies (or any other not listed here) do you think this technology or software is secure enough? Do you think your business and private data are secured? This lecture will talk about some aspects of (in)security in those technologies and it will try to show some of the bad stuff an attacker can do to compromise your system, so you could be aware and prepared for it before it hits you. And it’s not about will it hit you, it’s about when you will be hit by a malicious attack. Come to this lecture and learn how to protect your data and yourself from being compromised, by learning how to brake in to the system.

Public vs. Private Cloud by Marin Franković

This session is intended to encourage discussion on topic which cloud solution is better and why. Should we invest in private cloud and our own supporting staff or should we buy services from some public cloud vendor? Is the solution somewhere in the middle as Microsoft proposes? All kind of discussions are welcome.

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