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by Marin Franković on 19 October, 2010

WebHostingPad SUCKSFor the past two years, I hosted 5 of my sites at shared hosting space. All my sites are based on WordPress engine and all together have around 3500 hits a week. Most of those hits go to this blog. So, you may say that my sites are not heavy traffic generators. I had no big issues with them, price was very attractive and everything worked fine until one small problem.

One morning I woke up and saw a message on my BB that one of my mail addresses

is inaccessible. I checked it out, and it way my private e-mail address to which I received important information. I tried to connect to my cpanel on shared hosting but I was not able to access it. So I created a support ticket and after couple of hours, support staff told me that my hosting account caused server overload and that they had to shut it down. I asked them to investigate which script did it so I can disable it or repair it. It seems that their support is incompetent or unwilling to do their job, so they told me that they can not determine which script it was. Here, I must say that I had similar problem before, and then they told me exactly which script was the problem. After asking them to delete web site that is causing the problem, I had backup, they came up with new “problem”.

They told me that my site is under SYN attack. I suspect that they fabricated this so they could upsell their product. After denying to produce any logs on this attack on my hosting, they offered me to buy VPS hosting. VPS costs around $50/month and I was paying $2/month for shared hosting. I tried to explain that SYN attack can not and is not my problem and by definition of shared hosting, IP address is under SYN attack and not my web site, they kept bouncing me in between sales and support and managers.

After 2 days of fruitless conversation, I decided to purchase new hosting and transfer my sites. I could not wait any more on them to try not to fix my problem. Immediately after I transferred and restored all my web sites on new hosting, everything worked fine. There was no SYN attack on new hosting and there where no problems with scripts.

I contacted them again and they still insisted that my sites are under SYN attack although all DNS records where redirected to new hosting and all sites where running and operational on new hosting. This is where I realized that the do not posses the knowledge or will to help me out. It is enough to say that there is one guy that does support, billing and sales, depending on time of the day. Yes Andrew, I am talking about you.

Finally I gave up on asking them to make a refund of my money since they could not deliver service I purchased. I cancelled my hosting account with them and wished them that my $40 be the last money they ever make.

DO NOT buy services from They are unprofessional and do not have the power to solve even the smallest problems. Do not be attracted by their cheap prices. There is a good reason for that. I had to learn the hard way.

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Ilija Brajkovic October 19, 2010 at 18:11

Good to know.

Where do you keep your sites now?
I heard many good things about JustHost (Vibor also wrote an article about them), and I have account there, and thinking to buy a reseller account.


Marin Franković October 19, 2010 at 18:51

I am currently using JustHost also. 🙂


Dante November 1, 2010 at 23:05

Hostgator is IMHO the best.


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