Deploy Windows 7 with MDT 2010 + WDS + WAIK

by Marin Franković on 6 August, 2010

OK, so I guess I lied a bit that my next post will be after my vacation. Or maybe not. Smile This tutorial was recorded couple of days before my vacation, and I scheduled it to publish today.

In this video tutorial I will show you how to create reference Windows 7 computer, capture its image and then re-deploy it to production as finished and configured product. This video is in English.

All applications and tools (except operating systems) are free of charge and can be downloaded from Microsoft web site.

Before you start, you will need to prepare your environment.

  • DC or member server for WDS role
  • DHCP server role
  • File server role
  • Power Shell feature
  • Install MDT 2010 Update 1
  • Install WAIK

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