AstraSync calendar Re-sync for Blackberry

by Marin Franković on 10 August, 2010

astrasync_logoI have been using AstraSync for some time now for syncing MS Exchange mail, calendar and contacts to my Blackberry 9700 Bold. Everything worked great up to now. Few weeks ago we reconfigured company mail servers so I decided to delete one of my POP3 mail account because I would not be using it anymore. The problem is that I used that account to sync my calendar from Exchange server. By deleting that account from BIS settings I broke sync connection with my server. No big deal I thought, I will erase all calendar entries from my mobile phone and re-sync my calendar to another account. But then problems aroused. Here are two solutions (from AstraSync forums) to the problem, first one didn’t help me, but second one did:

Solution No. 1:

1. Uncheck the calendar box under Sync Settings. Press save and let it delete your calendar items.
2. Go to calendar settings and change the calendar to device default. Save.
3. Go back to Sync Settings and turn the calendar sync back on.
This should take care of the problem you are having.

If you’re not using any of your calendars except for the one from AstraSync, you could also delete the CICAL service books.

Solution No. 2:

1. Verify that all of your Calendar events are backed up on the server. If not, then you need to do this first before proceeding since the method requires you to wipe the Calendar on the device.
2. Open the ‘Manage Connection’ icon on the home screen and disable ALL network connections on the device.
3. Open the Calendar icon on the device and perform the following:
– Go into the Calendar Icon on the device
– Press the MENU button > Go To Date
– Enter a random date in the distant future, e.g. Dec 23, 2020
– Press the MENU button > View Agenda
– Press the MENU button > Delete Prior

*For newer devices such as the Bold, Storm, Tour, or devices with OS 5.0, follow these steps:

– Open the Calendar icon on the home screen
– Press the MENU button > Options
– On the keypad (or virtual keyboard), press the following letters: W I P E
– Confirm to the removal
4. Go into AstraSync > Options > Sync Settings > Disable the Calendar sync > Save > Delete Device Items.
5. Turn off your device and remove the battery. Leave the battery out for about 5 seconds and then reinsert the battery. Your device will reboot itself now, so wait until it fully boots up.
6. Head back into ‘Manage Connections’ and re-enable the network.
7. Launch AstraSync > Say YES the prompts > Options > Sync Settings.
8. Re-enable the Calendar sync > Save.
9. Monitor the re-syncing process in Sync Status.

*If you get an error after re-selecting the Calendar that says: ‘Invalid synchronization key for collection Calendar,’ then go back into Sync Settings > Uncheck Calendar > Save > Delete Device Items. Once done, wait about 5 minutes and go back into Sync Settings to re-enable the Calendar sync.

If you are using Today theme, make sure you chance theme to Zen and then back to Today to show calendar items.

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