Short update

by Marin Franković on 7 July, 2010

SharePoint projectSharePoint project is going well. As in all projects, its final design was redone. Now I will be installing new instance of it but this time it will be using SQL server ad storage database. It seems that we may even use it as a document storage solution for small groups of people or for specific projects. Also, I had some problems wit user permissions and announcement lists, sorted out now, I will talk about it in my next SharePoint dedicated post.

On the other hand, I am now more involved in creating and designing new courses for college for applied computing that will be delivered to students in 4th and 5th year of studying. Also, I am preparing exams for course “Administering network services” for 2nd year students.

summer-vacation-beachSummer is coming fast and I have some more private engagements that must be finished. During the last days of July, I will be taking my summer vacation, and will basically be offline for three weeks. I wonder if I will make it that long without internet connection. I doubt it! My BlackBerry device will keep me hooked up to the net. Call me

MY MVP status is up for a review.  I expect to receive congratulations or we are sorry mail sometimes in  October. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Thumbs up

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