Lenovo SL500 & Access Connections

by Marin Franković on 28 March, 2010

One of the applications that I rarely use is Access Connections from Lenovo. I did have it installed since today, and the only reason for having it is a cute icon in taskbar which shows connection strength and other useful information. I upgraded to 5.61 version 2 days ago. And then all of a sudden, today, my wireless network connection slowed down for no apparent reason. Access Connections shows 54Mbit link to AP, but downloads where dragging at 560 bps.

First I did a soft reset of my AP. That didn’t help. Then I disconnected from wireless and connected my laptop to wired Ethernet connection. Guess what, download speed was normal and everything worked as expected. I did try to reboot my computer and I did disable/enable wireless adapter, but no luck. So I decided to uninstall Access Connections software. And after a reboot, wireless speed was restored to normal.

I knew that Think Vantage applications are more or less bloat ware, but I used them. Now, I will use only Power Manager application and System Update for updating it. Everything else is just simply unneeded. Windows 7 has great tools and features that basically do the same thing as Lenovo Think Vantage apps (Rescue and Recovery, Access Connections and even Power Manager).

If you check out Lenovo forums, it seems that lots of people are having problems with Access Connections application and Windows 7.

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