Blast from the past: Windays 2004

by Marin Franković on 3 March, 2010

This conference was my first appearance in front of larger group of people other than in my classroom. My first Windays session was SharePoint 2003 and integration with Microsoft Office 2003 held at the first pre-conference day. Sadly, couple of year later, Microsoft decided not to have any more pre-conference days. Difference between regular conference days and pre-conference day is in the length of session. In pre-conference, sessions last for 8 hours and regular conference sessions are only 50 minutes long.

Browsing through my archives, I stumbled upon my very first video appearance at Windays. Also, under the video, there are couple of pictures of me, some of my IT colleges and famous rapper, Edo Maajka. 🙂

Windays 2004 partyI and Sinisa Kezic I my friend and Edo Maajka

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