MVP Summit 2010

by Marin Franković on 8 February, 2010

MVPLogo[1] MVP summit 2010 is just 7 days away, and I and my college Robert have started preparations for a long trip to USA. Most of you maybe even do not know what MVP is (no it is not a basketball thing :)) and why it is important for Microsoft to have those kind of people all over the world. Well, I will briefly explain.

MVP stands for Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, and it is the only Microsoft “certificate” which you can not obtain by passing an exam. You have to be elected by people from Microsoft and your peers that can vouch for your expertise, technical knowledge and commitment to share it.

Here is C/P from MVP site on how to become one:

The MVP Award recognizes exceptional technical community leaders from around the world who voluntarily share their deep, real-world knowledge about Microsoft technologies with others.

Potential MVPs are nominated by other technical community members, current and former MVPs, and Microsoft personnel who have noted their leadership and their willingness and ability to help others make the most of their Microsoft technology.

To receive the Microsoft MVP Award, MVP nominees undergo a rigorous review process. A panel that includes members of the MVP team and Microsoft product groups evaluates each nominee’s technical expertise and voluntary community contributions for the past 12 months. The panel considers the quality, quantity, and level of impact of the MVP nominee’s contributions. Active MVPs receive the same level of scrutiny as other new candidates each year.

MVPs are independent of Microsoft, with separate opinions and perspectives, and are able to represent the views of the community members with whom they engage every day.

Number of MVPs in the whole world is limited to 6000. There are around 4000 at this moment. MVP status has to be renewed every year and it is not automatic process. Each candidate has to pass election as if it was his first time to  enroll.

Currently, there are about 15 MVPs in Croatia (not all are listed).

If you want to find an MVP, you can visit MVP Awardees Page.

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