Andiamo Restaurant, Seattle, Bellevue, WA 98004

by Marin Franković on 17 February, 2010

Avoid this If you ever visit Seattle and find yourself in the vicinity of the Andiamo restaurant, run the other way as far as you can. McDonalds is temple of food compared to this. Tonight, I was one of 40 or so MVPs that were invited at the restaurant to have a dinner with CEE region MVP lead. We did not know that restaurant insisted on paying for dinner even if we did not eat anything.

Basically, they sad that they have created “special menu” for us and regardless of all, it had to be paid for. Be aware that nothing was precooked. Also, all of us had organized dinner at the hotel, just one hour before, so obviously not all of us where hungry. Nevertheless, we had to pay.

Alessandro offered to cover our cost, but it was not an option. Couple of us paid $45 for panacota desert, since that is all we ate. It tasted like Styrofoam with orange and chocolate syrup. In $45 their tip was included. OUTRAGEOUS!

The only good thing is that lots of CEE MVPs got together thanks to Alessandro. As Alessandro explained, this was normal in this part of the world. You make reservation for a party and you have to pay if you eat or not. This kind of thing in Europe is impossible to happen.

For the next time, I propose that we meet in Cheesecake Factory without prior reservation since it is a big restaurant. For $45 you can eat great and tasty food and have excellent service.

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RatkoM February 17, 2010 at 21:15

If I can suggest something: Rock Bottom. Great beer, good food (not to complicated – my favourite is New York Strip Texas Fire Steak :)), billiards… everything that a men needs… almost :). RB in Seattle is by far the most favourite place by Croatians (when we are there).


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