WD TV Live Custom Firmware 0.3.0

by Marin Franković on 16 December, 2009

If you own WD TV Live, and like to live on the edge, this is great info for you. B-RAD has released new extreme custom WD TV Live firmware, version WDLXTV-LIVE-0.3.0.

Some of the new features (C/P from official site):

  • Ever want to run bit torrent on your WD TV Live and manage it through an easy web interface? Check.
  • Ever desire NZB (newsgroup/UseNet) downloading & post processing, with a nice web interface? Check
  • Ever Desire a web configuration menu so you don’t have to go to the console ever again to change all the mysterious hidden settings I have peppered everywhere? Almost check, web server is there and config is under works.
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