Beta fun is over

by Marin Franković on 5 December, 2009

Couple of weeks ago I upgraded my Office 2007 Ultimate to Office 2010 Professional Beta and was very surprised with couple of changes in it, especially new setting menu and somewhat with discussions view.  All in all, Office 2010 promises to be nice and refreshing product, but for now I can non get past some of annoyances that need to be polished. One of them is that every time I close Outlook it asks me am I sure that I want to empty deleted items. And sometimes, deleted items is already empty.

But, the biggest problem for me is Outlook Connector 14 Beta. Since I have 2 “Hotmail” accounts that I read very often, any malfunction means closing Outlook and killing its process. I decided to uninstall Office 2010 Beta and go back to 2007 version.

Now, how can I transfer my mail to old version? Earlier I would export all my mail to .pst file and import it back again. But where is export command? Believe it or not it is located under File – Open – Import command. If you are unsure about this command, there is always free 3rd party solution with more options for exporting.

Outlook Data Export is free plug-in for Outlook 2007 or 2010. Quote from the webpage:

This Microsoft Outlook 2007 add-in exports mails, contacts, appointments, tasks and notes to several file formats (MSG, Unicode MSG, RTF, TXT, CSV, ICS, vCard, HTML, XML). You can export a complete folder with subfolders or only selected items.

Outlook Data Export

I like the new look of Office 2010 and its new features, but mail is my main tool for business so it has to 100 % functional. As soon as release version comes out, I will do the upgrade. For now, I will stick with the “old” one.

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