WD TV Live custom firmware

by Marin Franković on 21 October, 2009

WD TV Live We did not have to wait long for first custom firmware from b-rad.cc. If you are not satisfied with all the new things in new WD TV Live box, you can try this firmware. Be aware that this is 0.1 initial release and it is for testing purposes only.  Here is link for custom firmware and here you can download original firmware if you want to revert back.

Here is a list of modifications in custom firmware:

0.1 – initial release 

  • includes busybox-1.14.1, e2fsprogs-1.41.9, portmap-6.0, dropbear-0.52, hdparm-9.27, usbutils-0.86, wget-1.12
  • includes cd-manager-0.7 for optical drive functionality
  • telnet, ftp, & ssh servers enabled (each can be disabled)
  • net.mounts can exist on attached device at boot or /conf for automagic mounting of NFS,SAMBA,whatever
  • root password is: wdtvlive
  • includes wdlxtv-’s mount.watch, list.watch, plug.watch, xmount, & crazymount
  • app.bin, osd.bin, & opt.bin loading
  • OSD tweaks (refer to S00custom-options for how to change views)
  • added selectable 4, 6, 8 item list view (default=8)
  • added selectable 4, 8, 12 thumb browse view (default=12)
  • added 15 thumb view to music/photo (default=10)
  • increased font size of title to 32 in thumb view
  • filename listings are much wider
  • widened YouTube related videos viewboxes
  • unified background images to villa_bg.jpg (Villa_bg.png, villa_bg.jpg, villa_bg.png)
  • one compiled font replacement may be stored as /conf/custom-translation.mo, it will overlay the first asian font
  • independant welcome_logo and screen_saver
  • Custom background and screen saver images can be supplied at boot
  • requires villa_bg.jpg (maxsize=524288) or screen_saver.png to exist on a device attached at boot
  • original screen_saver & welcome_background are supplied, in case you desire them.
  • .addMounts functionality for media library scanning (Experimental–work in progress–don’t use)
  • .thumbDB functionality for persistent thumb cache
  • .keepalive functionality for disabling of device spin down on device standby
  • Ethernet is kept alive during standby (look at S00custom-options to disable)
  • users are enabled (experimental)
  • custom USB slot icons can be enabled (look at S00custom-options)
  • default Optical Drive thumb

For more info, visit WD TV forum.

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