AAAA batteries

by Marin Franković on 3 October, 2009

AAAA Ok, so you may ask yourself, what does AAAA battery has to do with anything? Well, if you have been looking to buy few of those in Zagreb, you may come to a surprise. I visited all big shopping malls and so many electronic shops that I cannot remember them all, just to find out that none of them has AAAA batteries, and they where all in disbelief that they even existed. So, in  past 6 months I visited Slovenia (Big Bang) and Austria (MediaMarkt), you may guessed it, none of them had those kind of batteries. I gave up on a search and decided to buy new BT headphone for my mobile phone. Oh yeah, the batteries where for my BT headphone (gift from Microsoft Windays Conference), if I forgot to mention it. 🙂

Well, it all came to an end today. Me and my best man (wedding) went to buy some shrimps so we can make lunch for mine and his wife. As we woke up around 9:30 in the morning, I did not expect to find any shrimp at the fish market, but …

Right there, next to a fish market, where I passed with my car a thousand times, stood small electronics shop, which had AAAA batteries. 🙂 Of course, I bought  two, just in case.

Map picture

So if you ever need to buy AAAA batteries in Zagreb, be sure to check this small shop first. You can see the location on the map (click on it). Your second option is to order them from the Internet.

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