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by Marin Franković on 14 August, 2009

Don’t know if any of you noticed but in the last couple of months I was testing various blog translation and search engines. All engines that I intended to use as a widget on my WordPress blog were based on Google translation and search. So I decided to try something else since non of previous ones were satisfying me, mostly due to the fact that Google would ban my blog because of to many translations and my bounce rate went drastically up.

Microsoft Translator Widget So, couple of weeks ago I discovered Microsoft Translator widget which you can see on my page now. It is still in beta state but it works pretty well. You have to apply for it but you will have to wait some time before MS send you an invite. There is another way to use MS translation services but then it does not translate blog in place, it opens another window and shows you both the original and translated page.

Bing blog search These days search engines are at war. I have been using default blog search engine and Google search engine to enable readers to search my blog. I decided to start using Bing search engine since it gave me more interesting way in displaying search results. Google displays search results in your own blog page or in separate page, where Bing opens overlay windows with search results that looks much cooler. Try it on my blog and you will see what I mean.

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