by Marin Franković on 1 May, 2009

WD TVThis is not related to IT but I had to share my excitement regarding this cool device. A week ago I purchased WD TV in Austria (not available in Croatia yet). Up to now I watched my backed up DVD movies or my own video materials by connecting my computer via HDMI cable to my TV. This was very clumsy solution, since I had to start up my computer every time I wanted to watch something. You can connect external USB disk (two of them) to the WD TV and stream audio or video content over HDMI cable with ease. Also, WD TV has optical audio OUT connector. The only disadvantage that I see is its inability do down sample DTS sound to stereo. DTS has to go through optical audio to a amplifier that has DTS decoder. But, if you have backed up Blue-ray movies with DTS sound and you do not have amplifier with DTS decoder, you can recode DTS to AC3 by using this simple free utility, MKV Audio Converter. If you can purchase WD TV I highly recommend it. Price in Austria is 91 euro, aslo available in Slovenia for 110 euro.

Here are couple of web sites that can be of help:

  • WD TV Official page, Link
  • WD TV Prerelease firmware, Link
  • WD TV Wiki page, Link
  • WD TV unofficial modified firmware, Link
  • WD TV AVS forums, Link

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muha June 13, 2009 at 9:32

Available in Croatia form January 2009 🙂


Marin June 14, 2009 at 12:48

Yep. But there where only 5 available at the time. So all stores that I called had none. 🙂


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