Windows Server 2008 NAP (Part 4)

by Marin Franković on 13 January, 2009

In the next couple of articles I will describe how to set up NAP with VPN enforcement.

I will assume that you have prepared following virtual machines:

  • DC as domain controler
  • SRV as?member server
  • CL as client computer


On DC computer:

  • Install Enterprise Root CA role
  • Start Certification Authority management tool
  • Right click Certificate Templates and click manage
  • Change security settings of Computer template to allow Enrol to Authenticated Users


On SRV computer:

  • Create MMC console and add Certificates snapin for Computer account
  • Select Request New Certificate from Certificates – Personal folder
  • Select Computer and select Enrol
  • After you get certificate from DC close MMC and do not save it
  • Add Network Policy And Access Service Role using Server Manager console


In the next article I will show you how?to configure NPS as NAP health policy server.

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