How to create virtual machine in VPC 2007 SP1 (Part 3)

by Marin Franković on 1 December, 2008

When configuring virtual machines you have to understand that they behave as real machines when connected to a network. One extra thing is that you can configure virtual machines to operate in a “virtual internal network”. This means that virtual machines can access each other but not any other network resources.
When testing applications and operating systems it is best to configure network adapters of virtual machines to “Local only” option. How to do that:

  • Start Virtual PC 2007
  • From console select virtual machine that you want to configure
  • Click Settings (Notice that you can configure many setting here (RAM, virtual disks, hardware virtualization …)
  • Select Networking (On the right side notice that you can add up to 4 network adapters per virtual machine)
  • Select “Local only” option for Adapter 1.
  • Leave all other adapters to “Not connected” option


Repeat this procedure for all virtual machines. All network adapters will now operate in “virtual internal network”. Next step would be to install DHCP service on one of the server machines or manually assign IP addresses to all machines.

Of course, you may want to access Internet from virtual machine (often needed when using virtual machine as sandbox). In that case when modifying networking properties you would select physical network adapter (ethernet or wireless).
It is possible to create combinations of above settings, virtual machine can be configured with two network adapters, one for “Local only” and one for Internet or external networks.

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