How to create virtual machine in VPC 2007 SP1 (Part 2)

by Marin Franković on 27 November, 2008

If you red part 1 of this lesson you should have two VHD files in BASE folder on your disk:

  1. win2k3BASE.vhd
  2. winxpBASE.vhd

Both files should be “Read only” since we will not change them anymore. Now, lets create two Windows 2003 virtual machines using our Win2k3 BASE disk.

  • Start Virtual PC 2007 SP1
  • In console select File and select “Virtual?disk?wizard”
  • Click Next
  • Select “Create new virtual disk”, click Next
  • Select “A virtual hard disk”, click Next
  • In the Virtual hard disk location select where to create new virtual disk and name it server1.vhd
  • In Virtual Hard Disk options select “Differencing” and click Next
  • In the select parent disk browse to location of win2k3BASE.vhd and select it
  • Click Finish


Now we have created new differencing virtual hard disk using our base disk. We have to create new virtual machine that will use our new differencing virtual hard disk.

  • From Virtual PC console select New and click Next
  • Select “Create a Virtual Machine” click Next
  • Browse to location where you want to create it and name it Server1.vmc and click Next
  • From drop down menu select Windows Server 2003 and click Next
  • Change RAM size to 512 and click Next
  • Select “An existing virtual disk” click Next
  • Locate file server1.vhd and select it, click Next
  • Click Finish

We have created our Server1 virtual machine. It should appear in Virtual PC console now. You can repeat first and second procedure to create server2.vhd and server2.vmc files for Server2 virtual machine.

We have to make sure that these two machines are not identical on the network (SID, name…)

  • Start Server1 virtual machine
  • Log in as administrator
  • Find NewSID folder and start newsid application
  • Select to generate random SID and to rename virtual machine to Server1
  • Restart computer after NewSID finishes
  • Shutdown Server1

Repeat this procedure for Server2 virtual machine.

Using same procedures as above you can create two virtual machines containing Windows XP (eg. Client1 and Client2). Of course, when creating differencing disks for Windows XP we will use winxpBASE.vhd as parent disk.

In next lesson, I will explain how to configure virtual machines (all 4 of them) to operate in a network (real or virtual).

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