MCT and administrator, 2in1

by Marin Franković on 20 October, 2008

I just wanted to share with you what I think every MCT and administrator should have at his/her side when traveling to teach or support computers and networks out of the primary workplace location.
Administration stuff:
????????? Flat and Philips screwdriver
????????? USB floppy drive
????????? Few USB sticks (i have 4)
????????? Patch and cross UTP cable (2 m)
????????? Phone cable (2 m)
????????? 10 3.5 inch floppy disks
????????? 3 Windows 98 boot floppy disks
????????? Couple custom floppy disks
????????? 10 blank CD and DVD disks
????????? 1 external USB disk with applications and operating systems (500 GB)
????????? Couple of bootable CDs with Windows XP (various versions)
????????? Couple of bootable DVDs with Windows Vista (various versions)
????????? Couple of bootable CDs with Windows Server 2003 (various versions)
????????? Couple of bootable DVDs with Windows Server 2008 (various versions)
????????? DVD containing every version of service packs for client and server OS
????????? DART 5.0 and DART 6.0 (32 and 64 bit) CDs for recovery
????????? Couple of live Linux distributions
????????? Backtrack 3.0 live bootable CD
????????? USB Bluetooth receiver
????????? Web n Walk USB stick (or similar)
????????? 1 DVD with freeware and shareware applications (just in case)
MCT stuff:
????????? 1 external USB disk (500 GB) containing
o?? All virtual machine disks needed for any MOC I may need
o?? Precreated virtual machines for demos (I have about 15)
o?? Every version of Virtual PC and Virtual Server
????????? DVDs containing VHD files for most common MOC seminars
????????? DVD with all PPT and media files needed for MOC seminars
????????? DVDs containing BASE VHD disks for MOC seminars
And with all that, backpack, containing laptop, PSU units for laptop and external disks. Also i have 2 mouses, one wired and one bluetooth (with presenter functions). I also carry a set of headphones and spare PCMCIA wireless card.

Yep, thats all that I carry with me when I go out of my primary workplace. And of course, couple of bags for the pants, shirts and so on… 🙂

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